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Committed to Clear Communication

Spencer's English is a company dedicated to improving your business, your career, and your future through accurate and effective communication. 

Words have power! That's true whether it's spoken words or written words. Use incorrect words and you have the power to easily erode customer confidence and your credibility. Use the right words and you have the power to grow your business and brand. That's where we can help.



Do you have a skilled IT team at a call center? They have top-notch technical skills, but what about their communication skills? Do they struggle to connect with the customer in English? We can help with that!

Is your website 100% free from grammatical and spelling errors? Don't lose potential clients or customers by creating an unprofessional image. We offer professional proofreading services so you can create a tailored and perfect first impression.

You're a professional, you're skilled in your field, but you're missing promotion opportunities. When you call your North American clients or partners, they get frustrated. You often find yourself repeating what you say. Before you have a chance to succeed, the client is upset and irritated. Don't let your accent prevent you from succeeding in your career. We can help with accent reduction and pronunciation, so you can take your career to the next level.

Our team consists of native English speakers holding certifications in English language teaching, accent reduction training, and proofreading.

Words Have Power! Use them to grow your business, your career, and your future.

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US Office:

2815 E 3rd Street


Bloomington, IN 47401

India Office:

Coming Soon


Bangalore, KA 560067

US: +1 812-678-PESL

India: +91 80953 37878

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